Time for Good News

June 23, 2016

by Kacie Escobar

It’s been almost two weeks since the tragedy in Orlando and the volume of related coverage has been overwhelming.

We initially refocused our media relations strategy, postponing news release distributions and working with reporters to table several stories in the works.  Call it an approach to avoid appearing tone deaf.  But, frankly, any other “news” just didn’t seem newsworthy in light of recent headlines.

No one can escape the sadness of stories about such events – certainly not the journalists who write them.  That’s why an email I received yesterday stood out.  An editor inquired about one of our clients.  He said the paper is desperate for uplifting news.

Although we will never forget, the email made clear that our community is beginning to overcome this difficult time.  As the healing process continues, local headlines will become a more positive reflection of The City Beautiful and PR pros are vital to advancing that transition.

It may be counterintuitive to seek publicity during this dark time, but your good news could be just what the media needs.

Happy Headlines

December 23, 2010

by Roger Pynn

I carp on headline writers often enough that I thought it my year-end duty to point to some that make me happy.  They ought to make you happy, too, and they have nothing to do with how the headlines were written.

Instead, they fall into the “good news” category … and prove that when there is good news to report media will tell the story.

I like this one the most because it tells me there is light at the end of this terrible tunnel we’ve been driving through since late 2008.

In the same vein, this one tells me consumers have money to spend again, and that means people are making money.  Hopefully they are making it through gainful employment rather than crime or gambling.

And I like this one because when I’m really old, I have less fear that there will be phone cords to trip on as I totter around.  You see, there’s a silver lining to every cloud.

As the year draws to a close, I hope the headlines bring a smile to you, too.

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