For The Win

September 2, 2016

by Vianka McConville

While the ultimate measure of success in public relations is meeting and exceeding client goals, it’s nice to receive recognition from your peers as well.  I’m proud to say our team was recognized for several exciting public relations programs and projects at the recent Florida Public Relations Association Golden Image Awards Gala, giving us more trophies and plaques to decorate the halls and walls of our office.

C&P took “home the gold” (the gala was Olympics themed) with the top scores in each category for the following programs and projects:

  • The Corridor’s annual magazine as a tool to tell the story of a growing high tech region and of the pioneers who push innovation forward locally.  The magazine served to introduce media to the region, earning coverage and exceeded circulation by 1,000 copies over the previous year.
  • Promotion of The Corridor’s 20th anniversary, divided between an industry luncheon and support from Florida Trend to feature the region. These efforts recognized long-time partners and further shared The Corridor’s message beyond the 23-county region.
  • National Airlines’ launch into commercial flights through media events and outreach which exceeded objectives for media coverage by 300 percent, and was planned and implemented in only three weeks.

Additionally, we received an Award of Distinction for C&P’s For The Win digital magazine, celebrating our firm’s 30th year in the business.  The magazine achieved an impressive 49 percent email open rate and increased social media engagement on the firm’s Facebook page.

It’s an honor to be part of a team that is ready, willing and able to go above and beyond for our clients.  These awards are just a small glimpse into our work.



August 5, 2016

by Vianka McConville

Inspired by the book, I, Robot, Brian Nave grew up to work and play with robots every day.  He owns Ormond Beach’s LOGICOM Logic Systems and has competed on “Battle Bots” several times.  His team controls Captain Shrederator.

Nave’s story is just one of many in the 23-county region known as the Florida High Tech Corridor.  For more than 15 years, Curley & Pynn has been digging up stories like Nave’s to showcase the people, research, innovation and pioneering work in the central part of the state that has helped support a growing tech hub.  Those stories are curated to produce award-winning content and shared through The Corridor’s annual magazine, which was recently updated with a new digital version online.

The magazine serves as a tool for partners in economic development to further demonstrate what high tech industry looks like in Florida.  Read the cover story to learn more about Nave’s fascination with robots and other stories on interesting things you may not know are happening right under your nose.

How do you share client stories?

Sometimes You Wonder

September 2, 2014

by Roger Pynn

We’ve had a long commitment to internships over our 30 years in business.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a young student working side-by-side with our team of professionals learning the real world application of what their professors were teaching in the classroom.

We’ve been fortunate to hire many of them.  But the vast majority, who must now number close to 100, have gone on to other things … many to very good careers where we have been able to watch them grow as professionals with other companies.  But you can’t help wonder, “Did we make an impact?”

Late last night one former intern took the time to send an email that made my day.  We had run into Jon Hanson last week where he now has a very promising job with one of our clients, Electronic Arts Tiburon.  He got his “dream job” working in the video game industry he loves.

“Great seeing you the other day,” he wrote.  “I shared a story with one of our new employees today of the lessons learned at Curley & Pynn.  Namely, taking complicated stories (I’m looking at you, Florida High Tech Corridor Council), and making it easy enough for an eighth grader to understand.  My time with your team has proved invaluable, and helped set me up for success at EA.”

In this improving economy, talent may be the most important issue facing employers.  Internships are a great way to pay back all those who gave you a chance … and have an impact on the quality of workers transitioning from college to career.  The key is to make sure you are giving them a meaningful experience that leaves them with a portfolio demonstrating their knowledge and with you the knowledge you’ve paid it forward.

Well-deserved Attention

October 6, 2009

by Roger Pynn

It isn’t all that often that a client earns global recognition, and when it comes in lockstep with recognition of the chief executive’s personal contributions via a “lifetime achievement” award, you have to reflect on how fortunate you are to be associated with such an organization and its leaders.

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council has frequently been recognized as a model for super regional economic development driven by higher education partnerships. Now, the International Economic Development Council based in Washington, D.C., has honored the Corridor Council with its Partnerships in Education award in recognition of the FHTCC’s Matching Grants Research Program and workforce development initiatives, calling the Council “a clear standout” for the award.

“Furthering economic development is rarely a simple task in the best of times, and advancing the cause in the midst of a global financial crisis is nothing less than arduous,” said Ian Bromley, IEDC chair. “As the consequences of the widespread economic turmoil have taken hold, we have seen our members become even more ardent proponents of economic development, flying in the face of one of the most challenging economic environments we have experienced in our careers. We proudly present this award to the Florida High Tech Corridor Council for its superior work during these difficult times.”

High Tech Corridor Council President Randy Berridge accepted the honor at the IEDC’s annual meeting in Reno, Nevada, just four days after being singled out himself with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce where a host of Central Florida leaders took the time to sing his praises.

Berridge is a tireless community leader. The Florida High Tech Corridor Council is changing the way regions across the nation look at growing their economies.

We’re proud to be part of such a game-changing strategy.

Like a Good Neighbor …

July 10, 2009

by Roger Pynn

Although some Floridians are questioning the sincerity of an old insurance industry advertising slogan these days, I saw first-hand today the acts of nearly 100 good neighbors who came together from across seven Central Florida counties to support another county facing a mammoth workforce challenge.

We had worked for nearly two months with representatives of the Brevard Workforce Development Board to mount a program on behalf of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council that would result eventually in a safety net of sorts for the thousands of aerospace workers who face the end of the Space Shuttle era and career uncertainty.

Some had asked, “Why do you think people from Orange, Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Polk counties are going to care? That’s Brevard’s problem.”

How wrong. The room filled up with a cross-section of business people (from corporate CEOs to human resources professionals to engineering executives and information technology leaders) who reached out in a half-day effort to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and build a core team that will dedicate itself not only to helping Brevard County retain what amounts to perhaps the greatest workforce treasure in America, but to create a template that can be shared with any region that might one day face the kind of massive workforce disruption that may result from a hiatus in America’s space program.

As we had dubbed the Regional Aerospace Workforce Initiative in the promotional material we developed for the event this truly was “Central Florida’s 3-2-1 moment,” a chance to “help turn layoff into liftoff.”

It is nice to have such great neighbors.

Behind-the-Scenes … an Alumni Ad Photo Shoot

October 6, 2008

by Kimberly Taylor

A couple weeks ago, Strategist Ashley Pinder blogged about multi-tasking.

She promised some footage from the photo shoot we managed for our client, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.

Now, this video might not have you reaching for a bag of popcorn, but what it does show is how well our in-house creative team managed the shoot, worked with the photographer and used the precious time with these incredibly gifted researchers to their advantage by … multi-tasking.

One Task Spawns Many Positive Outcomes

September 15, 2008

by Ashley Pinder

There’s a lot of discussion over whether “multi-tasking” is helpful or harmful to productivity. One instance where it certainly was a “value-added” activity was last week as Curley & Pynn coordinated and hosted a photo shoot at an Orlando studio for our regional economic development client, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.

The purpose of the photo shoot: photography for an advertisement.

Three alumni from three universities including UCF, USF and UF were invited to meet for the one-day shoot in Orlando. It was a prime time to make use of these busy and brilliant researchers, who are not only alumni of Corridor universities but have each started their own very successful technology companies through the help of our client’s matching grants research program.

All in one place at one time – bringing their story, likeness and brains – provided the opportunity for us to “multi-task” in order to get the most impact we possibly could out of their time. Not only did we photograph group shots for several versions of the ad, but we did individuals for profiles to be used in other collateral; we captured the entire process on a handheld camera in order to produce viral “authentic” footage of asides and antics to share on various online channels; we shot a video interview of each alumni talking about how the grant funding helped their company to grow, which will not only serve as the basis of each written profile to be produced for a magazine, but will also provide a much needed content update in the form of “Faces of Technology” clips to the our client’s virtual welcome center we launched last year; we had the UF alum star in his very own Go Gator Nationclip to add to the already strong and established campaign at; and finally, we brought together three men who are leading the way in their individual high tech industries and gave them a casual forum to discuss R&D, commercializing and licensing products. They each came away with new ideas to grow their own company in turn strengthening the high tech environment across the 23-county High Tech Corridor. (At Curley & Pynn we deem ourselves experts in economic development, and this is a great way to illustrate that!)

The outcome of the photo shoot: content for all aspects of a true integrated marketing and communications program – and a whole lot more.

This great example of multi-tasking might not mean it is okay to spread yourself too thin during the workday by checking e-mail, talking on the phone, and eating a snack all at the same time, but it certainly is a testament to our commitment at C&P to maximize our client’s time!

Check back soon for footage from the shoot.

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