Pearls of Wisdom for Moe’s

by Heather Keroes

“Welcome to Moe’s!” Just hearing that phrase makes my mouth water and my stomach grumble as it yearns for burritos, chips and queso.  I subscribe to Moe’s Southwest Grill’s text alerts, which keep me informed of important burrito deals.  On Black Friday, for example, I would fully expect to receive (and did) a text offering me amazing burrito savings to help fuel my shopping.  But today marks the 74th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  This isn’t a day when I would expect to receive the following text alert:  “Pearl Harbor Day got you HUNGRY? Swing by Moe’s for Moe Monday.”  Uh … yeah.  Pearl Harbor Day has me FAMISHED.

I could write much more than this about holiday exploitation and misinterpretation, but for some reason I thought Pearl Harbor Day escaped that fate.  This isn’t a day to vie for savings on a big screen TV, let alone a burrito.  As I write this, it is lunchtime, and I am indeed hungry, but I’m not craving Moe’s.

5 Responses to Pearls of Wisdom for Moe’s

  1. Vianka says:

    Starbucks has a deal for members of their club today too. I’m not sure who advised these companies to go this route, but I thought the same exact thing when I saw the sign while shopping yesterday. Will 9/11 be treated the same way in 60 years?

  2. Kerry Martin says:

    Ugh. Bad marketing choices that should live in infamy.

  3. Stop it! Yeah, totally not appropriate at all.

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